FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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We understand that the prospect of making a data protection compensation claim or any legal claim can be intimidating. We have put together a short list of a FAQs to help answer the more common questions we get asked.

Please get in touch or request a call back from our team if you require any further information.

Our panel of solicitors will assess the prospects of your claim free of charge. Complete our claim form to start this process.

If your data has been breached you are entitled to make a claim for financial losses and distress. Many people are reluctant to make a claim however these organisations must be held to account.

Our panel of solicitors offer NO WIN NO FEE agreements, if your claim is unsuccessful you will not be charged, unless you breach the terms of your written agreement.

Mayer Goldman is team of legal professionals however we are not a firm of solicitors. We work together with our panel to offer the best possible service for our clients.

Our panel of solicitors are based all over the country.

It is difficult to assess the value of your claim without reviewing the detail of your claim and your losses. Our panel of solicitors are specialists and will be able to value of your compensation.

In some cases, independent medical evidence will be required however this will only strengthen your claim. Not all cases require medical evidence.

Even though you have been examined by your GP, our panel solicitor may recommend that you are examined by an independent medical expert who will verify the nature and extent of your injuries.

You do not have to pay any fees upfront. The solicitors fees and the cost of the medical examination will be claimed back from the Defendant organisation when you win your claim.

Not all cases require medical evidence. Our panel of solicitors will provide you with expert legal advice in order to make sure that you can claim back the maximum amount of compensation.

It is difficult for anyone to predict how long a case will take to settle. A simple, uncomplicated claim can be completed within a few months, however each claim is unique and will depend upon the circumstances of your case.

Our panel of solicitors can run your claim entirely by phone, email or post.